UNION JACK FLAG STORE SHOP IN PARIS - 5ft x 3ft   -  150 x 90 CM - WEDDING -

BOUTIQUE MEGACOM-IK 13 BD SAINT MARCEL 75013 PARIS - Tél : 09 53 92 53 17


Megacom-ik specialist shop No. 1 flag in Paris, sells the flags of Union Jack 5ft x 3ft (150 x 90 cm)


You can also order a flag that no below by contacting us by e.mail: philmarso@yahoo.fr to Phone : 09 53 92 53 17. I do not speak English, sorry !

You can also come to our shop during opening hours: 12:30 / 19:30 from Tuesday to Saturday. sometimes open on Sundays, check on the home page: HERE. Offer a flag for a wedding, a birthday, a departure abroad ...

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By moving the Megacom-ik shop, you are a citizen act to support local shops, opposite the Internet sellers that kill jobs and do not promote social cohesion. Furthermore, no quality check is performed when you buy online. The Megacom-ik shop made this systematic quality control on each flag.

Shop Megacom-ik supplied the flags au club de football PSG (Italy, Argentina, Brazil, France, Senegal, Sweden, Netherlands) on the occasion of the presentation of the Cup of the Football League Saturday, April 11, 2015 at Stadium of France and the Club Matignon (Paris).

Possibilité de payer par carte bancaire !


The flag measures 150 cm long and 90 cm high with two eyelets.

The Megacom-ik shop sells the flag of Union Jack, decorative object and a must for a theme party, a wedding. This flag also can be a decorative touch after a trip to Union Jack.

This flag is ideal for decoration on the wall of your room or opportunity to agitate for a festive evening. It can also be an excellent support for your delusions Harlem Shake videos, smartphone, sporting event.

Price: € 12 at the Boutique Megacom-ik

0,25 € / unité

Renseignements complémentaires Tél :  09 53 92 53 17 - E.mail : philmarso@yahoo.fr

A retirer uniquement à la boutique de livres d'occasion Megacom-Ik au 13 Bd Saint Marcel 75013 Paris – Métro : Saint-Marcel (Ligne 5). 12h30 / 19h30 du mardi au samedi.

You can also meet the writer Phil Marso who founded the independent publishing house MEGACOM-IK.


MEGACOM-IK - Sarl de Presse au Capital de 305 € - RC Paris : 342 474 000 31 - APE : 5811Z

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