Help the Megacom-ik store during the strike !

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Since the strike began on December 5, 2019, public transport in Ile-de-France has been interrupted for 22 days now. Many businesses are impacted by this social movement while December is a very important period for trade. The Megacom-ik store has stood up to internet competition (Amazon) for 8 years by offering quality service in a friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately this strike threatens the existence of the place in the very short term since I am not the owner of the place, nor of the goodwill. I am in pure rental. Which means turnover or not, rent must be paid no matter what.

I do not have any animosity to this social movement, but this blocking of public transport gives pride of place to commercial sites including Amazon, which we recall, pays very little VAT to the French state. As an independent business, I must maintain this place of conviviality where human contact is not an empty word in the face of the large C40 groups.

Image :   Pixabay - mohamed_hassan

Unlike strikers who can constitute a "kitty" to hold on, the MEGACOM-IK company does not have the right to do so. Never being short of imagination in difficult situations, I suggest to people sensitized by the survival of my place to buy advertising space in the form of a "link" to a website, whether private or professional. The link can be valid on an account: Facebook.

Option 1: 20 € link to website (15 days)

Option 2: 30 € link to website (30 days)

Option 3: 50 € link to website (60 days)

Option 4: 80 € link to website (90 days)

Leave your contact details (Company or private name, address, postal code) when paying by Paypal. Megacom-ik will issue you an invoice. The links will be published on the home page of the website over a period of your choice. If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact me I do not speak English.


Option pub


You can also come directly to the Megacom-ik store to buy me one of my books, I am also a humoristic thriller writer. The book will be signed.

Boutique Megacom-ik 13 Bd Saint-Marcel 75013 Paris - 12:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.

Thank you for your support

Phil Marso - Monday December 26, 2019

By going to the Megacom-ik store, you are making a civic act in support of local trade, in the face of internet sellers who are killing jobs and do not promote social ties. In addition, no quality control is carried out when you buy on the internet. The Megacom-ik boutique systematically checks this quality on each flag.


The Megacom-ik Boutique supplied the flags to PSG (Italy, Argentina, Brazil, France, Senegal, Sweden, Netherlands) for the presentation of the Football League Cup on Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Stade of France.


MEGACOM-IK - Sarl de Presse au Capital de 305 € - RC Paris : 342 474 000 31 - APE : 5811Z

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